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License Plate Form

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Miller Park and all parking around the Marina including the main lot behind the locked gates is paid parking and enforced through license plate recognition. Only current slip licensees park for free and all current parking regulations will still be in effect. 

Accurate entry of your plate is important so you don’t receive a citation.

  • If you have no license plate, enter the last four digits of your VIN, located at the base of your front windshield. Your VIN must be unobstructed when parking.
  • If you have a license plate with stacked letters or special symbols, enter only the “full size” numbers and letters. Special symbols should not be entered.
  • Do not enter any spaces. “MY CAR” should be entered as “MYCAR”

Would you like to remove a license plate

You will also be provided with Marina temporary hang tags to use for your guests. The temporary hang tag is only to be used until you can submit the license plate, and then you may re-use your hang tag for other guests.

Citations will still be issued if a vehicle is backed into a parking spaces or if you do not have an issued temporary trailer pass or annual pass to park in designated areas.


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