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Activity & Program Submission Form for Youth Link Sacramento Website

The City will soon launch Youth Link Sacramento, a community-wide website dedicated to aggregating and promoting youth centered programs, activities and online resources for Sacramento youth, their families and the adult allies who support them.

This website will meet two, intersecting objectives with staggered timelines:

Objective 1: Promote Virtual Activities and Programs & COVID-19 Resources

Objective 2: Promote Sacramento Youth Organizations and their Services

As the community need for objective 1 decreases, objective 2 becomes the overall website purpose.

We are calling on the Sac youth service provider community to submit organization and activity/program information to ensure consumers (youth, their families and adult allies that support them) are accessing live, up-to-date content that is easily searchable, when driven to the Youth Link Sacramento website!

To help us meet both objectives, providers will need to complete two forms:

1. Activity & Program Submission Form: Submissions through this form will be promoted on the Youth Link Sacramento website, highlighting active programs and activities that fall under Objective 1. If you have multiple activities/programs you will need to complete this form separately for each. 

2. Organization Submission FormSubmissions through this form will be added to the Youth Link Sacramento website database and will enable users to search by organization specific criteria when Objective 2 becomes the focus of the website.

Organization Address

Activity or Program Information

Please select the primary category your Youth Activity or Program falls under

Current Delivery of Activity or Program

Timeline of Activity or Program

Activity or Program Participant Age Range (select all that apply)

Special Populations Served by the Organization

Program/Activity Social Media Handles

When entering the ZIP code service areas that your organzation services, please type in the zip code as formatted below. 


Activity or Program Registration Information

Start Date

Date Picker

End Date

Date Picker

Is this a recurring Activity/Program? (e.g. same time, platform, etc. weekly, bi-monthly, etc.)

Indicate Location(s) Site

Registration Address

Program/Activity Staff Contact Name

Upload Program or Activity Flyer- If Applicable