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Dixieanne Neighborhood Clean & Green Alleys - Community Feedback Survey

Dixieanne Neighborhood Clean & Green Alleys is a project to clean and beautify at least 3,000 linear feet of public right-of-way on any of 23 residential alleys in the community of Old North Sacramento.

While the most common use of alleys throughout Sacramento is to provide access to the rear of properties, low traffic volumes and narrow widths allow alleys to also serve as safe, low-stress corridors for pedestrians, bicyclists, and even for casual play.

The City of Sacramento will be installing permeable interlocking concrete pavers, repairing fences, planting shade trees, and installing public art in an effort to enhance the neighborhood and encourage community gathering and more walking and biking.

Please complete as much of the following survey as possible to help us choose possible locations for alleyway improvements. Questions with an asterisk (*) must be completed. Providing your contact information is optional, and those who choose to do so will only be contacted to provide updates and meeting opportunities about this project. 


Do you live within the project area boundary?

Do you live directly next to an alley in the project area?

Would you like to see your alley improved with the following (check all that apply):

If your alley was improved, would you prefer to:

I would prefer the following type of art in my alley (check all that apply):


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