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Car Share Parking Permit Application

Car share operators can apply for parking privileges to operate in the City’s right-of-way using the following application. Interested operators must complete the following application for consideration, including all required attachments. The application should include a preferred email address to receive a copy of the submission and a submission receipt. City review and response may require two to three weeks.

Company Contact Name
Company Business Address
Parking Type
Upload an Excel spreadsheet of Car Share Vehicle Info (year, make, model, VIN, license plate)
Upload a PDF of the Business Plan
Upload a PDF of the Parking Proposal, including maps of free floating Home Zone or proposed on street parking spaces
Upload PDF of your Proof of Automobile Insurance for Car Share Vehicles
Upload PDF of the Outreach Plan
Upload PDF of the Data and Monitoring Plan
Upload PDF of Vehicle Branding
Upload PDF of signage with dimensions

Please identify the parking spaces requested using this map for "PKGS" numbers. If the requested spaces do not have a PKGS number, then ensure that the parking proposal PDF uploaded above includes the nearest street adress.