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Thirty Days Written Notice of Termination

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This thirty (30) day written notice authorizes the Sacramento Marina to immediately lease the slip to the next person on the wait list or walk-in effective thirty (30) days from the date this notice is received in the Marina Office.

I will be responsible for the payment of the slip rental fees for thirty (30) days from the date that this notice is received in the Sacramento Marina Office.

I understand this notice of termination is final and effective as of the date of receipt and the City of Sacramento has no obligation to lease my slip to me beyond the thirty (30) day notice period in the event that I change my mind.

If I fail to vacate the slip on the date I specified above, I understand there may be a minimum $25.00 towing fee to move my boat to another location, and a $1 per foot per day slip rental fee until I remove the boat from the Sacramento Marina and a new thirty (30) day notice may be required.

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