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Re-Do the Loo Toilet Rebate Application: up to $250

This toilet rebate is for City of Sacramento Department of Utilities multi-family water customers to purchase and install new water efficient toilet(s). The customer’s address must be located within the  Disadvantaged Communities designated on the map. The toilet to be replaced must have been installed prior to 1992 and must be replacing toilet(s) using 3.5 gallons per flush (gpf) or greater.

To obtain a rebate, customers are required to complete a pre-inspection before the old (PRE-1992) toilet is removed and shall contact us to schedule a post-inspection.

Rebate Check Payable To

Property Address

Is your Mailing Address different from property Address?

Important: This is where DOU will mail the final rebate check

Mailing Address

To be eligible, you must:

  1. Be receiving City of Sacramento water service at the property.
  2. Be the property owner or property manager with written consent from the property owner.

High Efficiency Toilet (HET) Requirements:

  1. Qualifying toilets must be Water Sense MaP Premium toilets (, which have a flush performance of at least 600 grams and flush 1.1 gallons per flush or less.
  2. Replacement of an ultra low flush toilet with a HET is not eligible under this program; neither is replacement of a HET with another HET eligible.
  3. Purchase of material must occur after the pre-inspection .
  4. New construction is not eligible for rebate under this program.
  5. You may install the toilet(s) yourself or you may also hire a licensed contractor. If applicable, labor cost should be separately listed. Labor may be reimbursed if done by a licensed plumber (C36).
  6. Submitting a signed application

NOTE: Building permits are not required when a residential customer simply removes and installs a toilet on existing plumbing. A permit is required when a plumbing fixture will be relocated or you are a commercial customer.

Who is completing this application?

Does the Rebate amount sum exceed more than $600?

Date Toilet(s) Installed:

Are you the water bill recipient for the account number listed above?

 Please provide the name and phone number of the water bill recipient. 

Program Checklist

Terms & Conditions Confirmation.

I understand that I must have a pre-inspection before the old (Pre-1992) toilet is removed.

I understand that the City of Sacramento is required to send IRS form 1099 to me and the IRS when rebates total $600 or more.

I understand that I must provide the original dated receipt and/or plumbers invoice with the price, model and brand of each toilet listed individually, and labor when applicable, after completion of the project to receive the rebate.

I understand that a post inspection is required.

Steps to proceed:

  1. Submit a completed Toilet Rebate application, after first confirming that your apartments are located in the City of Sacramento’s Disadvantaged Communities as designated on the map
  2. Wait for approval from Water Conservation staff. Please note that missing information may cause delay.
  3. Schedule the pre-inspection before beginning your project.
  4. Complete your toilet installation and submit original dated receipt(s) and/or plumber invoice. Keep a copy for your records.
  5. Approval by Water Conservation staff-After we receive your itemized receipts, they will be reviewed and verified by Water Conservation Staff, and a post inspection scheduled.
  6. Post Inspection Completed.
  7. Receive a rebate check-You should receive your rebate check within 90 days of receiving the receipts of your completed project. 


Rebate Agreement - Release of Liability:

I have read and understand the program information as stated in the attached application materials. I certify that I have installed the above identified toilet(s) at the above-identified property. I also understand that by signing here I agree to have an official of my water provider verify the installation of the toilet(s) at the property. I agree to defend, indemnify and hold harmless the City of Sacramento, Sacramento Regional County Sanitation District (SRCSD), the Regional Water Authority (RWA), and their respective officers, employees, agents and contractors against and from any and all liability or claims for damage or other costs arising or alleged to arise from the installation of the toilet(s), the inspection of the premises to verify proper installation, or any other activity or failure to act related to this program. The City of Sacramento, the RWA and the SRCSD reserve the right to deny an application of any participants who does not all meet requirements as outlined; reserve the right to change the terms of this program at their discretion and are not responsible for the lost receipts or paper work. The agency cannot guarantee that the installation of the HET(s) will result in lower water utility costs.

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