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Rain Barrel Rebate Application


The Rain Barrel Rebate conserves water by storing rainwater/run off during rain events for use during dry periods. The amount of water that can be collected from a rooftop depends on several variables: the dimensions of the rooftop, the collection capacity, and the amount/timing of the rain received. Be sure to calculate how much rain barrel storage capacity you will need: 1,000 square feet of roof surface can create around 625 gallons of water for every one inch of rain that falls.

Property Address

Mailing Address

(IMPORTANT: This is where DOU will mail the final rebate check)

To be eligible, you must:

  1. Be receiving City of Sacramento water service at the property;
  2. Be a single family/duplex homeowner.
  3. Be the property owner or bill-paying tenant with written consent from the property owner.
  4. Apply first before purchasing the rain barrels. The rebate is not retroactive.

Rebate Amounts:

  • Up to $0.75 per gallon of water storage capacity of installed Rain Barrels. 
  • The rebate is for Rain Barrel(s) only and does not include labor, materials, or equipment.
  • Maximum Rain Barrel Rebate: $150 (200 gallons of capacity).

Rain Barrel Requirements:

  • Rain Barrels must be above-ground units connected to a gutter downspout, designed for the intended purpose of rain capture.
  • Be placed on a solid and level foundation for stability.
  • Be covered to prevent mosquitoes, rodents, and debris from entering your stored water.
  • Be mounted in a way that it can receive water unimpeded from a rain gutter.
  • Be out of the way of walkways or pathways.
  • Be used to irrigate your landscape.

Who is completing this application?

Rain Barrel Worksheet

Please provide the following information:

Rain Barrel # 1

Rain Barrel # 1

Rain Barrel # 2

Rain Barrel # 1

Rain Barrel # 2

Rain Barrel # 3

Rain Barrel # 1

Rain Barrel # 2

Rain Barrel # 3

Rain Barrel # 4

Total Capacity

Total Rebate Requested

Total Capacity (in gallons)

Maximum Rain Barrel Rebate: $150 (200 gallons of capacity)

Please upload pre installation photo(s) of the front of your home and a photo of each downspout.

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Program checklist

Rain Barrel Rebate Terms & Conditions

Terms & Conditions Confirmation

I understand I must submit the receipts/invoices (as described in the terms and conditions) and must have a post-inspection before the rebate check is issued.

I understand that if my project takes longer than 120 days, I must submit a request for extension via mail or email as early as possible

I understand that the rain barrel must remain in place for a minimum of five years after project completion.

Rebate Agreement - Release of Liability

The City of Sacramento Department of Utilities (City) may deny any application that does not meet all of the Program requirements, which are set forth above. The City reserves the right to alter the Program Rebate Conditions at any time, with no notice other than posting the Program requirements on the City website. The applicant agrees to allow the City to inspect the property before and after the project is undertaken to confirm that the project meets the Program Terms and Conditions. The applicant certifies that the attached photos are of the landscape project installation site, accurately show the site’s current condition, and are not altered or modified. The City does not warrant or guarantee that the applicant will experience lower water bills as a result of participating in the Program. The City is not responsible for any damage that may occur to participant’s property as a result of the Program. The applicant agrees to indemnify the City, and its directors, officers, and employees, and to hold each of them harmless from and against all loss, damage, expense and liability resulting from or otherwise relating to his or her participation in the Program.

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