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Sacramento Ethics Commission Complaint Form

This form can be used to submit complaints to the Sacramento Ethics Commission. Complaints should identify the specific alleged violations which forms the basis for the complaint and should contain sufficient information to conduct an evaluation.

The Sacramento City Council established the Sacramento Ethics Commission to review and consider complaints against elected and appointed City officials and to ensure that those officials are conforming their conduct to the City’s laws and policies. The Commission’s organization, powers, and duties are set forth in chapter 2.112 of the Sacramento City Code.

The commission has the power and duty to review, investigate, and consider complaints alleging violations of:

  • Section 35 of the Sacramento City Charter ("Limitation on Future Employment") 
  • City Code Chapter 1.20 ("Code of Fair Campaign Practices")
  • City Code Chapter 2.13 ("Campaign Contribution Limitations") and Chapter 2.14 ("Campaign Spending Limits and Public Campaign Financing"), if the city has not contracted with the Fair Political Practices Commission for enforcement of those chapters.
  • City Code Chapter 2.15 ("Lobbyist Registration and Reporting Code")
  • City Code Chapter 2.16 ("Conflict of Interest")
  • City Code Chapter 4.02 ("Code of Ethics")
  • City Code Chapter 4.04 ("Sunshine Ordinance")
  • Chapter 3 ("Conduct of Members") and Rule 6.E (Closed Sessions)  of the Council Rules of Procedure

The commission may only consider complaints related to elected and appointed city officials for alleged violations of the above code sections. For complaints not related to the above, please contact the following departments:

For more information about the complaint process, see the Sacramento Ethics Commission Procedures.

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Documentation. Please attach copies of any documents in your possession that relate to the allegations stated in this complaint. In addition, state below whether or there are other records not in your possesion that you believe, may assist the commission in its evaluation of your complaint.

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Related Complaints: Have you made the same or similar allegations to another agency? If so, identify the agency or court and attach a copy of any complaint or other written description of the allegations submitted to that agency or court.


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